Kaynemaile Hutt Road Ideal Electrical Architectural Building Facade

Pyramid strength and sun resistance

Ideal Electrical, Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Application Building facade
System benefits Solar protection, beautification, privacy screening
Architect Thomas Chong Architect and Brynn McCauley of BMC Architecture
Installation Kaynemaile and GRJ Developments  
Colour Bronze




Wrapping around a series of custom-designed pyramid forms highlighted the material properties of Kaynemaile-Armour— strength, flexibility and rigidity, all in a lightweight package.

Exposed to extreme sun Kaynemaile-Armour provides internal solar shading, yet gives inside-out visibility. Located a close distance from the ocean, the non-corrosive nature of Kaynemaile-Armour means it outperforms other traditional materials.


"We have been fascinated to see the façade changing its appearance over the course of a day–transforming from an undulating bronze veil in the morning into gold pyramids when in direct sunlight in the afternoon.” 
Thomas Chong, Thomas Chong Architects Ltd


Product Features

Trusted Durability

Metal based materials corrode and oxidise in coastal conditions. Kaynemaile does not. Our mesh holds true to its tensile strength. We use mineral colour-fast pigments that will not stain your building when it rains, unlike traditional metal mesh materials.

Solar Protection

Kaynemaile-Armour™ gives you the ability to control the level of penetrating light entering your building. This can be as little as 25% right up to 75% light penetration. 

Low Maintenance

Easy to clean. Exterior applications can be washed down with water. Interior applications can be brushed down or vacuumed. For best results we recommend an annual clean.

Weather Protection

Our mesh system acts as an effective wind and rain screen due to its cross-sectional density. For added protection, a second skin of mesh can be utilised which effectively limits the through penetration to below 5%.


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