"Using Kaynemaile really invigorated this project for us. It turned a car park into a compelling architectural statement."

—Stephen Simpson, Regional Manager Design Projects, Scentre Group


Humanising Spaces with Kaynemaile

Public spaces should be interactive, playful and joyful.


At Kaynemaile, we have a culture of inventors, reimaginers and creative catalysts. We work collaboratively to transform knowledge into extraordinary possibilities around the world.

What is Kaynemaile?
Kaynemaile is a seamless architectural mesh that creates, divides, and protects building interiors and exteriors around the world. The lightweight interlocking rings reimagine 2000-year-old chainmail, a concept which emerged from The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy.
Kaynemaile humanizes hard urban spaces through our culture of collaboration with Architects, Designers and Artists. Lighter and stronger than glass, Kaynemaile is made from an environmentally sustainable cradleto- cradle polycarbonate (Lexan), aka “Bulletproof glass”.


Meet the team.

We are a collective of doers, achievers, thinkers, explorers & inventors. Our focus is on delivering greatness, pushing the boundaries and collaboratively working towards solving the worlds problems.


From Collaborative Design to Delivery

We work closely with architects and designers from the concept stage to achieve the required results. We believe this collaborative approach represents best practice in the industry and ensures our clients are able to realise their vision and see their project completed on spec, on time and on budget.


Our patented manufacturing process results in a mesh with no seams or joins. This allows us to offer unlimited sheet sizes/dimensions, using a wide range of UV stabilised colours, resulting in a clean monolithic look and a faster more affordable installation.

We use stainless steel hardware and components, so our solutions won’t corrode; the seamless mesh structure won’t go brittle and gives a 20+year expected durability, backed by a 10-year warranty.

Environmentally considerate

With only one eighth the embodied energy of equivalent metal meshes, our Architectural Mesh is better for our environment.

Architectural Mesh by Kaynemaile is 100% recyclable with a nil-waste production method. Its lightweight and compact properties offer efficient cartage options.

Exporting to 20+ Countries

We've worked on some amazing projects globally - in over 20 countries around the world. See the companies we've worked with:

—Trump Towers
—Air New Zealand
—MGM Grand
—Scentre Group