Kaynemaile-Armour screens provide beautiful privacy and solar protection without blocking internal views

Solar and privacy screening for Double Bay, Sydney residence.  Photography  by  Adam Letch   |   Reseller   Austaron

Solar and privacy screening for Double Bay, Sydney residence. Photography by Adam Letch  |  Reseller Austaron

Overlooking a sheltered bay within Sydney’s world famous harbour, this stunning contemporary home by SAOTA Architects (in association with TKD Architects) creates private, sheltered spaces for family living, while maximising the outlook towards the water and beyond.

The design features Kaynemaile-Armour mesh screens positioned to provide solar shading and privacy screening in Sydney’s harbourside suburb of Double Bay.

With the screens conceived as floating planes it was essential to find a material solution with the right appearance and a discrete fixing system as well as the solar reduction and privacy screening properties the project demanded. Kaynemaile-Armour’s ability to be manufactured to any size without joins made it easy to create a uniquely seamless visual appearance.

Kaynemaile Armour’s installation fixing system is minimal and easily installed within a simple steel sub-structure. The top and bottom of each screen is fixed with a small stainless-steel tube and hook arrangement, with the vertical edges of the screens clipped into a low profile aluminium track.

Offsetting the screens from the main facade created significant depth and shadow and allowed for concealment of well-placed architectural lighting used to highlight the range of textures and materials used on the exterior.

In addition to the fixed screens, the house incorporates automated Kaynemaile-Armour solar screens. These are operated by a solar management system that detects the sun and moves the screen positions automatically, creating an innovative facade [or solar] solution.

With a 10-year standard warranty Kaynemaile-Armour can easily withstand the demanding coastal environment and extreme Southern Hemisphere sun without compromising its significant tensile strength. Since Kaynemaile-Armour is not made from metal, there is no risk of facade staining due to oxidization or corrosion.

Kaynemaile-Armour is manufactured from an engineering grade polycarbonate and is extremely resilient and inherently insulating (with low thermal conductivity). Kaynemaile-Armour does not store heat in the way metal products do. It remains at near ambient temperature to protect the building from conductive heat gains. The three-dimensional mesh structure means more of the mesh surface area is in shade and a higher amount of ventilation is possible (when compared to conventional steel mesh products). Kaynemaile-Armour allows approximately 80% free air movement, so the cooling effect of the sea breeze in this location can be fully maximised.

These unique physical and design properties reduce solar heat gain into the building envelope by up to 75% without losing visual transparency — a key requirement in this breath-taking location.

Kaynemaile Armour can be manufactured in single screens to any size without joins, this means we can reduce the need for costly subframes associated with panel products — combined with the material’s super light weight means a faster installation time, bringing cost savings to any project budget.

Kaynemaile-Armour solar screening for Double Bay home
Kaynemaile-Armour solar screening for Double Bay home
Kaynemaile-Armour solar screening for Double Bay home
Kaynemaile-Armour solar screening for Double Bay home
Kaynemaile-Armour solar screening for Double Bay home

Kaynemaile Architectural mesh is a patented, world-leading innovation. We think the benefits of the Kaynemaile product are extraordinary.

Solar Reduction

Kaynemaile Armour significantly reduces both radiant heat through direct sunlight (EMR) and thermal conductive heat from entering the interior of a building by up to 75%. This gives you the ability to let daylight in and manage the passive solar gain—all while maintaining visual transparency.

Super-Fast Installation

Kaynemaile Armour is lightweight (3kg per square metre) and goes up fast, cutting down the install time dramatically and saving costs. Our fixing systems are simple and we don’t need the same level of sub-frame as metal products. This means our installed rate is more cost effective than metal or glass panel products.

Nil-waste Manufacturing

We make to order and our unique manufacturing process means there is no waste. Kaynemaile mesh has only 1/8th of the embodied energy compared to metal mesh. Our mesh is made from recyclable engineering grade polycarbonate.

For more information on fire resistance and other benefits of our mesh, visit our Technical page.


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