Beautiful Security Screens with Spacemaile

Spacemaile deterrent screen at Sumner library and community hub by Athfield Architects

Spacemaile deterrent screen at Sumner library and community hub by Athfield Architects

Spacemaile™ folding screens combine low level security and great functionality with our operable screen system. Perfect for interior applications such as retail malls, offices, libraries, schools and anywhere else you need a beautiful, lockable screen.

Our Spacemaile deterrent screens use lockable posts combined with in-set floor sockets allowing you to pre-set your locking position wherever you need it along your floor width. Our stainless-steel armatures run the full width of the screen making a super low stack ratio.

Our deterrent screens are extremely versatile, giving the ability to create sectioned-off areas or larger open areas depending on your requirements. We use our own head track system and don’t rely on a bottom track. With a wide colour range and great looking components our Spacemaile deterrent screens are the best-looking deterrent screens around. 

Sumner's new library and community hub Matuku Takotako: Sumner Centre in Christchurch has recently installed two deterrent screens. Designed by Athfield Architects, the screens are used to divide areas of the library space and are lockable for added security - all while providing great visibility and airflow.

Shed 10 on Queens Wharf in Auckland chose Spacemaile folding screens to provide security and screening for the multi-functional event space and cruise ship terminal. Our screens give the ability to create sectioned-off spaces or large open areas depending on requirements.

Made from the same mesh we use in our exterior projects our durable screens are the best looking folding screens available - perfect wherever you have a requirement for a lockable multi-functional screen.

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Typical Deterrent Screen Details



Stack ratio: Approx. 15% of the overall width.
Weight: Mesh weighs 3kg m² (0.6lbs/ft2). Head track and folding system weighs approx. 4kgs per lineal metre.
Sizes: Standard components up to 4 metres high (126") with unlimited width. Screens over 4 metres high may require upgraded componentry.
Locking mechanism: Vertical stainless-steel post with a throw bolt into a an inset floor socket and top track.
Colour palette: All Kaynemaile standard colours are suitable for Spacemaile interior use. To see our colour range, click here.
Radius: We can manufacture custom curved screens. Our standard minimum radius for our track is 1000mm (39-1/4”). Contact Kaynemaile to discuss your custom requirements.
Folding leaf width: 425mm (15-¾") typical. Allow running clearance of 460-700mm.



Head track: 52mm high x 35mm (2" x 1.37") anodised aluminium head track.  
Folding mechanism: Stainless steel folding armatures at top and bottom of the screen. 
Wheels: Nylon wheels
Operation/handle: In-built lock system to our end lock post.


Spacemaile deterrent screens are supplied with Spacemaile mesh, head track, folding armatures, locking post system and floor sockets. Screw fixings are also supplied to fix into your ceiling or support structure.



Our locking systems can be re-keyed to suit your requirements. Contact Kaynemaile to discuss.



We can incorporate single or split leaves on one head track run. Either end can be specified as fixed to a wall post, or both ends can be open and operable. 

Intermediate locking points are also possible with our inset floor socket to give more options on configuration.


Technical Benefits


Smooth Operation

Smooth, effortless hand operation. Even screens over 6 metres high by 20+ metres in length can be deployed by one person.


Low stack ratio

Incredibly low stack ratio of 10:1 (i.e. 3 metre long screen compresses to 300mm when folded).


Locking mechanism

Vertical stainless-steel post with a throw bolt into an inset floor socket and top track. In-built lock system to our end lock post.



Silver anodized proprietary aluminium track. Curved tracks and corner bends available on request.

For more information on our mesh and other benefits, visit our Technical page.


Case Studies

Sumner library and community centre, Christchurch, NZ

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Security with style for Shed 10, Auckland, NZ

Spacemaile Folding Deterrent Screens were chosen to compliment the historical aesthetic of Shed 10 on Auckland City's waterfront... Read More


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Rangiora High School needed a flexible, movable screen to suit an innovative class room layout at their new learning centre Rakahuri... Read More


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