Double Bay in Sydney

G&G Magazine, May 2018

Extract: Set in a north-facing cove in Sydney's vast natural harbour, the site borders a recreational park and a public pier which juts out into the bay. This element forms one axis for the site whilst a pristine beach, directly in front of the site, forms another.

From the principle park elevation that the new building appears as a collection of planes; a play on space, privacy and threshold.

Graphite grey sail screens (made from "Kaynemaile", a polycarbonate chainmail developmed in New Zealand for the Lord of the Rings movies) are rigged just off the house providing privacy from the road.

Timber cladding, plastered mass walls, a wood-clad soffit and the exaggerated sill of a bay window punched through the sail screens, are layered into further planes. This game creates depth in an otherwise linear facade and provides privacy whilst maximizing light and views to the park...

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