The New Cool in Parking Garage Design

Parking Today Media, October 2018

Kaynemaile has reimagined two thousand-year-old chainmail into a unique architectural mesh product which is now specified and installed on parking garages around the world. The company was established in 2006 after CEO and founder Kayne Horsham developed a liquid state assembly process to develop lightweight chainmail — a world first — taking chainmail out of the Iron Age and into the 21st century world of modern science.

Made from high-grade polycarbonate (the same material used in airplane windshields and astronaut helmets), the product is extremely robust and impact resistant. Weighing close to half a pound per square foot, the lightweight nature of the mesh is one of the reasons architects, designers and engineers are so excited about the material. It can be used in place of steel sheets or metal mesh and dramatically cuts the static load on buildings. This means labor costs for installation are reduced, a bonus in today’s construction market.

Want to keep your parking garage cool?

With a unique three-dimensional structure, the architectural mesh significantly reduces both radiant and thermal conductive heat from entering the building envelope by up to 70 percent. This means air conditioning design and system costs are reduced during the build. Daily power consumption costs are also lower in hot climates.

Steel mesh products are highly thermally conductive and transfer radiant heat into the building raising the internal temperature. The high-grade polycarbonate architectural mesh remains at a near ambient temperature, even at the height of summer. The mesh also enables free airflow movement of up to 80 percent thanks to its unique three-dimensional structure. This provides a significant cooling effect with greater airflow movement than traditional two-dimensional steel panels.

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