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We are constantly striving to reduce the environmental footprint of our business. Our unique manufacturing process means we only make what we need. Out materials are fully recyclable using low-energy processes.

We aim to be as transparent as possible and show you how we produce our mesh — from granules to mesh and back again. Take a look.


Our Process

This process involves – electricity, polycarbonate granules, and labour.

Our entire product is manufactured right here in Petone, New Zealand. We are proud to be a New Zealand made product and have kept our manufacturing in New Zealand for a number of reasons and one of the most important being New Zealand has one of the greenest energy mixes in the world! We use mostly renewable energy sources such as hydropower, geothermal power and an increasing amount of wind energy making us one of the lowest carbon dioxide emitting countries globally for electricity generation.

We know being in New Zealand can have its disadvantages and we are conscious that freighting our product around the globe is not good for the environment. We are always working on ways to decrease our freighting footprint. Where possible we ensure we ship our goods as opposed to flying them and try to combine shipments where we can.


Where we get our materials

Our mesh is made from Covestro’s Polycarbonate granules called Makralon 6557. Our granules come from Covestro Thailand and China. Both state of the art polycarbonate manufacturing facilities.

But everything else we need to make our system can be found right here in Wellington, New Zealand within a ______ km radius from our HQ.


Our Plastic

Not all plastic is the same. There’s a common misconception that all plastic is as bad as the single use plastic bag which had a limited life span and cannot be recycled.

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How we move our stuff around…

We are very aware of the impact aviation and flying products around the world can have on the environment, so we purchase these in bulk and store them at our HQ.


Our Waste

A lot of polycarbonate manufacturers have a lot of waste in their production process, but Kaynemaile doesn’t. Every screen is custom made exactly to size. This means we don’t have many mesh offcuts, and when we do, we collect these up and send them off to our recyclers who turn them into something else.

How this works – our machine produces strips of mesh at a fixed size. When we get an order we take those strips and join them together to create the size required by the client – we can make our screens as big or as small as you require. We think this custom process is pretty cool as it helps us to create as little waste as possible.


Social Responsibility

All of our workshop employees are paid above the New Zealand living wage.

Our shifts are structured so no one works more than….. in a row or xxx days in a row. Not only is this important from a health and safety perspective but it’s important to us that every member of our team has a good work life balance – everyone needs a life out of work!

If you want to come out and check out our workshop, we’d love to have you! Just flick us an enquiry through the website and let us know that you want to visit.


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