A Wave of Inspiration


Project Pacific Fair shopping center car park  |  Design Scentre Group  |  Location Broadbeach, Australia  |  Photography Angus Martin


"Using Kaynemaile really invigorated this project for us. It turned a car park into a compelling architectural statement. Kaynemaile takes car park design to the next level."

Stephen Simpson
Regional Manager Design Projects, Scentre Group Design


This three-dimensional facade draws inspiration from the waves and golden sand of the nearby world famous beaches.

When Scentre Group’s design team approached Kaynemaile with the concept for Pacific Fair it seemed like a perfect match. Initially designed with a rigid metal panel in mind it soon became apparent that the traditional material lacked the fluidity the designers needed. Additionally, the need for a substantial sub-frame for a metal panel system had increased the project costs significantly.

Kaynemaile Armour can be made to any size in a seamless piece, this meant it easily worked with the pre-designed structural frame heights and gave the designers the flexibility they needed.

With Scentre Group encouraged by the material’s possibilities, our fabrication team quickly turned out new screen concepts at scale for review—a fast track prototyping process that gave the client confidence to progress further with the design.

Kaynemaile’s collaborative approach extended into the detailing phase as we developed a unique fixing system to work with the client’s design, giving adjustability on site and allowing for easy maintenance over time.

Along with the three-dimensional screens the main facade also features a Kaynemaile Armour black coloured flat screen—a seamless single piece screen measuring 50 metres wide by 9 metres high, lifted and fixed off in a day by hand without the need for costly site cranes.

“We were also really impressed by the speed with which Kaynemaile expedited the project. The timeframe for this facade was six months and Kaynemaile succeeded in delivering within four” said Scentre Group’s Stephen Simpson.

During the day the sun sparkles off the ten million or so individual rings of this facade. At night the second layer of mesh becomes a rippling wave moving with the breeze from the nearby Pacific Ocean, transforming a utilitarian car park into a stunning landmark— a collaborative end to end solution.


Product System Used

Exterior Kaynemaile-Armour™ 

Multiple solutions for exterior environments—facade cladding, rain and wind screening and solar shading.


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