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Part of our drive to create is a desire to improve the way we use our earth's resources. Our mesh is made from recyclable composite using a waste-free manufacturing process, and requires only 1/8th the energy to produce compared to metal mesh. We are a future-oriented company, and we see it as our duty to make that future cleaner and greener than today.

Nil-waste manufacturing process

We take responsibility for all stages of the development, use and disposal of our polycarbonate mesh. We have adopted a cradle-to-cradle ethos – meaning we can infinitely recycle our materials in-house.

We make to order and our unique manufacturing process means there is no waste. If an existing project undergoes a redesign that no longer includes our Kaynemaile mesh, the material can be shipped back to our factory for recycling and reuse.

As our mesh is made from a single chain polymer, the material can be effectively cleaned back to its original state – using the same process that was used to produce it originally. This includes each of the colours we use – which are all carbon-based and can be stripped out using low-energy processes and fed back in as virgin materials.

Kaynemaile is Green Tag Certified Bronze


Kaynemaile Green Tag Certification — Bronze

Top 3 Benefits:
• Health & Ecotoxicity
• Durability
• Reduced waste generation

• Corporate Social Responsibility
• ≥10 year warranty
• Building Code of Australia compliant
• Complies with Australian law
• Fit for Purpose certified

Health & Ecotoxicity
• Considered safe to use

Global GreenTag’s LCARate certification is a ‘beyond LCA’ Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) based rating system for health and sustainability preferred products from ‘Cradle to Grave’.

Based on Full Disclosure of ingredients, it looks in detail at Health and Ecotoxicity and the other Sustainability Assessment Criteria.  But when it comes to the LCA part, it means it looks at every impact of the product and its ingredients at every life stage, from raw material extraction, processing and transport to product manufacture, packaging, in use cleaning and maintenance, replacements and end of life disposal and recycling.

All certified products are examined for ‘Fit-for-Purpose’ and confirmed for Building Code compliance.

For more information on Green Tag, head here.


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