Kaynemaile’s polycarbonate mesh is a patented, world-leading innovation. With over 60-years of polycarbonate material science and research to call on we know our mesh inside out. We’ve undertaken extensive laboratory and field tests to ensure our product range works and we keep testing it everyday. We think the benefits of our product are extraordinary.




Our patented manufacturing process results in a mesh with no seams or joins. This allows us to offer unlimited sheet sizes/dimensions, using a wide range of UV stabilised colours, resulting in a clean monolithic look and a faster more affordable installation.

Quality materials

We use stainless steel hardware and components, so our solutions won’t corrode; the seamless mesh structure won’t go brittle and gives a 20+year expected durability, backed by a 10-year warranty.


Environmentally considerate

With only one eighth the embodied energy of equivalent metal meshes, our Architectural Mesh is better for our environment.

Architectural Mesh by Kaynemaile is 100% recyclable with a nil-waste production method. Its lightweight and compact properties offer efficient cartage options.


Mesh Features


Unbeatable Strength

Kaynemaile’s polycarbonate seamless mesh is made from the highest performing thermoplastic. It is extremely robust and impact resistant. Thermally stable from -40°C to 120°C.


Stronger and lighter than glass. It weighs 3kg per m2 making it a perfect choice where a low static load on buildings is required. Plus our light weight makes handling on site easy.


Nil-waste Manufacturing

Our mesh is made from recyclable polycarbonate. We make to order and our unique manufacturing process means there is no waste. Kaynemaile mesh has only 1/8th of the embodied energy compared to metal mesh.


Fire Resistant

Kaynemaile mesh has high dimensional stability, excellent heat resistance and achieves the highest 1S rating in the ISO 9705 room test. We use UL94 V-0 at 3mm, rated self-extinguishing and suitable for high density public spaces.

Trusted Durability

Metal based materials corrode and oxidise in coastal conditions. Kaynemaile does not. Our mesh holds true to its tensile strength. We use mineral colour-fast pigments that will not stain your building when it rains, unlike traditional metal mesh materials.

80% Airflow

Our mesh gives approximately 80% airflow through the cross sectional open area. This means air compliant movement can be maintained in interior spaces and exterior screens.





Flammability Test


Flame-Resistant Polycarbonate (FRPC)Standard result – UL94 V-O at 3mm, rated ‘self-extinguishing’FRPC seamless mesh has been tested to:

  • ISO 9705 Group 1-S Pass.
  • AS 1530 pt2, achieving a Flammability Index result of (FI) = 6.
  • NFPA 701 Test Method #2 – Pass.
  • DIN 4102.2 – Pass.
  • IMO A 652 Fire test for upholstered furniture.
  • ISO 15025 2000 (E) Protective Clothing – Protection against heat and flame – Test for limited flame spread

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Sunlight (UV) and exterior weathering


Independently lab tested by Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ).Results show minimal structural/tensile deterioration of the mesh after 2000 hours of continuous testing (equivalent to approximately 5+ years exterior exposure in New Zealand’s harshest UV conditions – some of the toughest in the world).All colours are light fastened, mineral-based pigments to maintain colour and recyclability.Yellowing of the mesh, particularly with light and translucent colours is noticeable after 500 hours.

Darker solid colours are less susceptible to yellowing and structural deterioration (in approved applications KML will provide a 10-year warranty against both visual and structural deterioration).

UV protective hard-coating available on requst. Results show virtually no visual or structural deterioration after 1500 hours testing (equivalent to approximately 8–10 years exterior exposure).

Tensile strength and Impact resistance


Note: The accumulated strength of seamless mesh increases proportionately with the size of the panel. Astron burst testing with a point load area of approx. 32mm (1.5”) on small 140 x 140mm (5 1/2” x 5 1/2”) samples show a peak resistance of 279kg (615lb).When drop testing on to a 1.5m x 2.4m (4’ x 8’) mesh panel, it repetitively withstood a free-falling 80kg (175lb) weight from 2.5 metres (8’).This equates to an impact force of 6500N (650kg or 1,300lbs).Suitable for use as balustrade infill to New Zealand Building Code NZBC F4 safety from falling.Exceeds required strength loads prescribed in AS/NZS 1170.1 for balustrades including C5 Crowd loadings.

Kaynemaile Burst Test

Drag coefficient (used for calculating wind loadings)


Cd = 0.8, which is 40% less than an equivalent two-dimensional or woven mesh.Full wind tunnel test results for all angles available.



We stand behind our product, and offer a longer warranty period than most of our competitors.
We have a 10-year warranty on all Kaynemaile proprietary hardware and mesh for both interior and exterior applications.