Security at Scale for Medina's New Airport


Project Deterrent Screens for Medina Airport | Architects Maurice Rosario of GMW London, UK  |  Installation JML (UAE) LLC and GRJ Developments | Location Medina, Saudi Arabia


Functional and beautiful security screening


Mesh Colour

Water Clear

Water Clear


Prince Mohammed Bin Abdul Aziz International Airport (PMIA), also called Al-Madinah International Airport or Madinah Airport, is located in the north-east of Madinah, the capital city of the Madinah Region, Saudi Arabia. The airport is one of the two major gateways to Saudi Arabia and the holy city of Madinah for Hajj and Umrah pilgrims.

Passenger traffic at the airport increased by approximately 21% to 5.7m passengers in 2014, compared with 2013. The increasing passenger growth led to a phased expansion and reconstruction project at the airport in 2011. The first phase of the expansion included the construction of a new passenger terminal building, which was commissioned in July 2015. This expansion has increased the airport’s capacity from 5.7 million a year to 8 million passengers a year.

The new terminal was designed to integrate its architecture with the existing structures in the airport. The design was inspired by the Hejazi architecture, and the palm tree was the main source of inspiration for the architectural form. The focus was on creating elegant, modular and spacious interiors. Besides the aesthetic appeal, the design also facilitates the functional requirements of the terminal. It has simple yet logical layout with well-organised passenger routes, security and safety, operational efficiency, adaptability and flexibility.

Kaynemaile was commissioned to create large security screens throughout the new terminal which would separate the baggage collection area from external areas while maintaining visibility and airflow throughout the entire space.

With such large traffic numbers, the material requirements for this new airport terminal were critical.  Kaynemaile exceeded the requirements, providing airflow and security in single piece fire rated screens up to 90 metres in width and 14 metres high. Kaynemaile Water Clear screens were used to blend in with the palm tree structures. As the screens provide a high level of transparency they create an ethereal view of the large structures behind, complimenting the design rather than detracting from it.

Our Kaynemaile screens prove that barriers can be functional and beautiful.

The terminal is the first outside the US to receive Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED GOLD certification.


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Hanging Screens

Kaynemaile hanging screens are a simple ceiling-hung solution. Use them to divide interior spaces, create visual privacy and as decorative backdrops.


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