Utility Enclosure Screening


Kaynemaile mesh is perfect for equipment and enclosure screening—it is extremely lightweight and has great airflow characteristics as well as superior aesthetics compared to traditional screening materials such as louvres or perforated panels.



Utility Enclosure Screen Colours

We’ve come up with a range of standard colours to give you a wide range of looks for your equipment and enclosure screening project.

Our standard Kaynemaile colour range for equipment and enclosure screening includes: Bronze, Steel and Obsidian Black. All colours are in a gloss finish.


Kaynemaile Architectural mesh is a patented, world-leading innovation. We think the benefits of the Kaynemaile product are extraordinary.


Lightweight = Fast Installation

Kaynemaile mesh is lightweight (3kg per m2) and goes up fast, cutting down the install time dramatically and saving you costs.


High Airflow

Kaynemaile has high airflow through the cross sectional open area of the mesh. This means air compliant movement can be maintained around your utility enclosure screen.


Fire Resistant

Kaynemaile mesh is compliant with 2018 IBC section 2606 “Light transmitting plastics” achieving a CC1 classification. Kaynemaile mesh has also achieved a Group 1s in the AS/ISO 9705 room test (similar to a Class A in the NFPA 286 room corner test) with a SMOGRA of 0.5m2/s2; ASTM D 2843 smoke index of 70.9°, ASTM 635 HB-CCI and NFPA 701-pass; UL94 FR-V0 material at 3mm that is rated self-extinguishing.


10 Year Warranty

Kaynemaile systems have a 10 year standard warranty. Kaynemaile Architectural mesh is UV stabilised using inorganic colours for long term stability and full recyclability.