Kaynemaile Architectural Mesh is a patented, world-leading innovation. We reimagined two-thousand-year-old chain mail armour into a unique architectural mesh — using our own patented, award-winning technology.

Kaynemaile mesh is used to create, divide and protect building interiors and exteriors around the world, backed by over 60 years of material science technology.

We believe our culture of invention and collaboration gives you the freedom to create inspiring spaces.

Kaynemaile is the link between art and science.


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Kaynemaile for Exteriors

Kaynemaile Architectural Mesh is perfect for beautifying and protecting buildings and their occupants from the elements. Great for rain and wind screening and solar shading.

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Kaynemaile Interior Screens

Kaynemaile gives you the ability to divide and define spaces while providing transparency and airflow. Our hanging, folding or framed dividers are suitable for creating privacy and partitioning spaces. Being highly textural they add an artistic element.

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A Team of Changemakers

We are a team of inventors, reimaginers and creative catalysts who work collaboratively to transform knowledge into extraordinary possibilities.

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