We reimagined two-thousand-year-old chain mail armour into a unique architectural mesh—using our patented, award-winning technology. Kaynemaile architectural mesh is an innovative material made from 100% high grade polycarbonate, the same material used for astronaut helmets and aeroplane windshields.

Unlimited design potential paired with exceptional performance make Kaynemaile the ideal choice for building exteriors, interiors and lighting designs.

More than simply a material manufacturer. We are inventors and innovators—here to push boundaries and generate solutions, we don’t simply take and make orders. We love understanding constraints, and then finding a way to smash them.


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Kaynemaile for Exteriors

Creating beautiful and unique designs is easy with Kaynemaile. It is tough and impact resistant, yet flexible enough to be stretched over a frame to execute complex three-dimensional shapes.

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Kaynemaile Interior Screens

Kaynemaile gives you the ability to divide and define spaces while providing transparency and airflow. Our hanging, folding or framed dividers are suitable for creating privacy and partitioning spaces. Being highly textural they add an artistic element.

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A Team of Innovators

We are an experienced and highly skilled team who work collaboratively to transform your ideas and designs into reality.

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