Ethereal Screening for High-end Apartment in Milan


Architects General project: Studio Arquitectonica, Miami. Common areas and the interiors: Studio Dolce Vita Homes, Antonio Citterio, Patricia Viel and Partners and Coima Image  |  Kaynemaile distributor Bencore Srl – Italy  |  Photo Credit Antonio Lombardini


An elegant solution for solar shading and sound reduction.


This translucent Water Clear Spacemaile Hanging Screen floats within the reception of the prestigious Torre Solaria apartment building in Milan, Italy.

Installed as one large seamless piece the screen gives an ethereal atmosphere to the spacious foyer. An elegant solution for solar shading and sound reduction in a large space.


Product System Used

Hanging Screens

Spacemaile Hanging Screens are a simple ceiling-hung solution. Use them to divide interior spaces, create visual privacy and as decorative backdrops.


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